#3 Choose Your Weapon

Hi again,

I have to start by saying that I’m using Linux, Ubuntu 11.10 and it’s just great! :)

And now school of webcraft gives me the challenge to choose my HTML editor…well, it’s more like in Harry Potter, “The editor chooses you”.

So, they gave me 3 editors to “choose” from: gedit, Kate and Bluefish. I didn’t try Kate but I leave a Link for the curious.

gedit: Good old gedit, easy as it gets to use, coloured tags and I’ve heard there are mods to make it even better!

Bluefish: Knew about it, but don’t know why, I never tested it and now that I did, I really liked it. Installed it from the Ubuntu Software Center, and it was ready to use right out the box. Very easy to use ( although not “gedit easy” ), “View in Browser” button, no configurations really needed for basic html use, insert table functions and a lot of wizards for the new developers which gives the feeling of a very short and soft learning curve. I really recommend it.

Other software I use is Aptana, which is a full featured IDE ready for web developing. Can be downloaded as a Standalone version or a plug-in for those that already have a working eclipse installation. Recommended for those, that are completely comfortable with any editor for more professional use.

Try them, and comment your experiences with any of them.